I take considerable pride in being the owner of a charming Welsh Corgi Pembroke named Mango, who is now six months old. As a typical representative of his breed, Mango is not only strikingly handsome, but also highly intelligent and full of energy, making him a joy to be around. For those who are curious, you can follow his daily adventures and see for yourself just how adorable he is by checking out his Instagram page.

Geeky GEEK

Since I was a child, I have had a deep passion for new technologies. Even before beginning my formal education, I was convinced that handwriting was an obsolete skill because computers would soon be ubiquitous, and I would be able to type everything on a keyboard. While this prediction has largely come true, I still had to learn the fundamentals of handwriting.

As you may have noticed on my blog, I am an avid 3D printing enthusiast and the proud owner of both a highly modified Creality Ender 6 and an Original Prusa Mini+. My workshop is my haven, and I look forward to expanding my collection with several more cutting-edge machines once I have the space to do so.


As you may have noticed, I maintain a blog, although I must admit that my efforts have been sporadic at best. I write infrequently, switching between Polish and English depending on the topic. However, since the site is currently undergoing another transformation, I am committed to writing more frequently in English and focusing on delivering valuable content to my readers.

My foremost goal is to establish a consistent writing schedule, and I am optimistic that with dedication and effort, I will be successful in achieving this objective.


Helping others is probably one of the most satisfying actions a person can take in their life! I have been involved in it for many years outside of my professional work. By helping others, I feel like I'm living fully, especially when I provide support to weaker and disabled individuals. I highly recommend everyone to give it a try!