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New beginning of blog

Each of us sometimes needs a restart – starting a project from scratch. Especially when your blog (Wow! A big word, only twenty-five entries) is not able to keep up with the changes in everyday life. Today I will write a little about it and about plans for this blog.

As you can see, I published my last post here about a year ago. I know this is a gap that is hard to bridge. To be honest I thought about deleting all posts and starting from a blank sheet of paper. But those posts have some value – sentimental to me. Google Analytics shows that people are still looking for the things I wrote like:

How to calibrate the extruder in a 3D printer” or “What are the FSMO roles in Active Directory?

All old entries will remain here.

I have already written about changes in my life which have occurred in the past year. Moving to a new house, getting promoted at work, spending a lot of time on personal development. During that time, I’ve learned a lot of new skills, which I never shared with the community.

My big goal always was to encourage other people to develop themselves, that’s why I started that blog in the first place. And I failed, failed so many times as a creator.

Due to poor skillset, but also due to lack of my internal motivation, that I am often struggle with it. But failures have one great side effect – they really help you grow!

What will happen next on this blog?

First, I want to continue with the things I’ve already done there – Microsoft 365 Security, 3D Printing. But I also want to introduce some new stuff like:

– Being a young manager/leader,

– DIY corner,

– IT security in general,

– Help young people to get into the IT market.

I know I will fail at some point again, but I will do my best to help people who may need it. My goal is to publish here as often as possible. I need to write on a regular basis, and I will work on it as hard as possible!

It is important for me as well to build a personal brand, by using that blog, by publishing on YouTube, where I will also do some technical training for you!

Let’s summarize

I set myself some goals, and I need to fulfill them! I will focus a lot on them and hopefully when you someday visit this blog you will find it an exceptionally useful source of knowledge and get inspired a little.

From now on, all entries will appear on the blog in English only – at some point I will translate blog entries done in Polish.

Let’s do something good together,


O mnie

Arek Kożuch

Arek has dedicated his life to working in IT, always striving for excellence and continuous development. Every day he focuses on what is important and fights to make the world a better place to live.