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Hello there! My name is Arek and I am new technologies nerd. My mission is to show to the World, how modern technologies can make a big difference and help to create an Earth a better place. For me sharing is caring, that’s why I’d like to help other people in any possible way.

I am educated in IT and Project Management. Fully focused on making improvements to existing processes and technologies to simplify usage and improve management ability.  Professionally I am in charge of Windows Server Administration for one of Fortune500 companies. In the past, I used to work for companies like HP, ABB, UBS and more. I am also conducting training for students where I am teaching them about Windows technologies.

Personally, I am focused on cloud technologies, DIY projects, 3D printing, photography, and sim-racing. I also love to listen to classic rock, read technical books and volunteering for disabled people.

My biggest dream is to make the world a better place by making most of my skills to help other people and to share my passion with other people.

If you want to share your ideas, how to make this blog a better place, feel free contact me directly via email at [email protected] If you have a professional opportunity for me, see my LinkedIn profile for more details about my career.

Arek Kozuch

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