Arek Kożuch
Arek Kożuch

Hi there! My name is Arek Kożuch and I am incredibly happy that you decided to visit my blog. 

What am I doing there? Well, I mostly publish news about Microsoft 365, Security and Compliance, some DIY, and Raspberry PI projects. I created this blog a few years ago to share my thoughts and share some of my knowledge with the community.

I am a young manager, but for almost 10 years I have worked as an engineer, so I have a broad understanding of modern IT and ways to make it better and more effective.

My personal life also focuses mostly on modern technologies – I am a 3d printing freak, making a lot of usable and unusable things for myself and my friends.

I am extremally opened for collaboration and cooperation, so if you find my work interesting or need my help, please contact me using the form located in a Contact field. I promise to respond to every message.

I am not a native English speaker, but I am doing my best to reduce amount of language mistakes and write as clearly as possible.


Arek Kożuch